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HRMThread - HRMS

HRMThread HRMS is very easy, flexible and user-friendly Web based Human Resource Management software that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of Employeea�?s Database, Recruitment, Training, PMS & Exit Management.

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Key Feature Details:
      HR Database / Functions
  1. General Information
  2. Personal Information
  3. Address/ Contact details
  4. Employee Qualification
  5. Family Members/ Emergency contacts
    PF Nominee/ LIC Nominee/ Gratuity Nominee
  6. Work Experience
  7. Passport/Visa details
  8. Insurance details
  9. Organisation/ Hierarchy/ Reporting Structure
  1. Achievements
  2. Vehicle/ Driving Licence details
  3. Employee Trainings
  4. Employee Appraisals/ Questions/
    Question Groups/ Questionnaire Designer
  5. Employees Documents/ Photos / Attachments
  6. Employee Targets/ Commitments
  7. Employee Skills
  8. Complete Tracking of Employee Movement between
    Branches/ Departments/ Grades/ Designations
      Recruitment Management
Recruitment Management
  1. Manpower Requisition Form and related Workflow for approvals
  2. Vacancy Creation and related work flow for approvals
  3. User friendly Resume Database Management
  4. Easy Integration of Online Resume Submission by candidate
  5. Online test for candidate
  6. Review, Shortlist, Tag Candidate Profiles
  7. Search in Resume Database for keywords, Vacancy Requirements Search inside records, CVs, notes, emails etc.
  8. Schedule Interview Rounds with Automatic alert to Candidates through Emails
  9. Update Interview Results with Automatic alert to Candidates through Emails
  10. Generate Offer Letters to candidates with Automatic Alert to Candidates through Emails
  11. Generate Appointment Letters to candidates with Automatic Alert to Candidates through Emails
  12. Post/View/browse Candidate Details, Notes, Emails, History, CV at simple clicks
  13. Bulk Email to candidates
      Training Management
Training Management
  1. User defined Training Course / Course Categories available
  2. Course Program can be created resulting into Training Schedule for a given Training Year
  3. While designing Courses, Qualifying Skills, Qualifying Courses, Disqualifying courses,
    Reading Links etc. can be maintained
  4. Faculty / Coordinator and External Agency masters can be maintained
  5. Nominations can be done through
    1. Employee can nominate himself Online for the training through self nomination
    2. Manager can nominate his subordinates for the training
    3. Nomination can also be done due to Training Need Analysis
  6. Direct Cost and indirect cost per employee can be maintained
  7. Employees training cost can be calculated based on the formula
  8. Trainings Schedule for the calendar is pre-defined and available to the employees online
  9. After the training, Feedback can be posted by employees and faculty / trainer can also post the rating of the participant employees
  10. Date wise Employees / Whole Program Attendance can be maintained easily
  11. Training Locations, Training Venues, Special Needs during training, Expectation from the training can be defined
  12. On the basis of predefined Priority scheme training program can be allotted for the limited no of seat
      Employee Appraisal Management
  1. Company Objectives, Initiatives can be defined
  2. Goals/KRA derived from Company Initiatives can be maintained
  3. Job Description (JD) based goals are maintained
  4. Goal sheet allocation for the employees with workflow between manager and employee can be done
  5. Upon Goal Sheet Approval by employee and manager, goal sheet is assigned to the employee
  6. Employee can regularly keep posting goal progress which is automatically available to manager
  7. At the appraisal event, managers can view goal sheet achievement and rate the goal sheet
  8. KRA / competencies / QA forms can be designed by the user and can be allotted to employees at the time of appraisal
  9. Notes can be put in by Managers, dotted managers
  10. 360 degree appraisal can be achieved where Managers, Subordinates, Peer group, Customers, Vendors can rate the employee based on various user defined parameters
  11. Normalisation of appraisal score provided for HR function
  12. Appraisal result is available at the time for Promotions/increments
  13. Appraisal is fully automated, user defined and workflow based with email intimations
  14. Not closed Appraisals and conflicts can be tracked
      Attendance & Leave Management
  1. Flexibility to Create Leave Policy as per companya�?s requirement
  2. Yearly Credit of Leave/ Pro rata basis
  3. Monthly Increment of Leave on Pro-rata basis
  4. Carry forward facility for balance leave
  5. Encashment of Leave / Encashment In excess of Leave
  6. Leave Utilizes & Balances can be checked
  7. Automatic Leave payout on termination of Employees (in Full & Final Settlement)
  8. Swipe card / Attendance machine if any can be linked to our software Attendance Arrears
  9. Monthly Attendance Register & Yearly Attendance Summary
  10. Attendance / Leave Ledger Submission of online Leave Application and supporting workflow
  11. Parameters setting for Leave application
  12. Different types of leave application like SL, PL, CL, COMP Off, OT, OD, OUT STATION, TRAINING
  13. Attendance regularization for forgot punch card, Late mark wavier, Early departure waiver
  14. Employee can check Leave balance before applying.
  15. Approval Workflow a�� Apply, Accepted & Rejected with auto mail Intimation User & respective authority
  16. Anytime leave ledger
      Exit Management
  1. Employee can place the request of exit online
  2. Request can be approved or rejected by the immediate authority
  3. Exit request is sent to each concerned department heads for Approval
  4. Superiors can input exit requests for their subordinates
  5. Department Head can input/track receivables from the employee
  6. Upon clearance from department heads, Email intimation to respective authority for their further course of action
  7. Auto transfer of data to Payroll for full & final settlement calculation
      Work Flow
  1. News
  2. Announcements
  3. Company Documents
  4. FAQ
  5. Kiosk
  6. Polls
  1. Query
  2. Survey
  3. Leave Application
  4. Reimbursement Request
  5. TDS Declaration & Tax Planner
      Employee Self Service Module
  1. Each employee is provided with an online account
  2. Employees can login and view their
  3. Submit their Income Tax Declarations
  4. Submit Leave Application
  5. Submit Reimbursement Bills
  6. Improves administrative responsiveness & efficiency.
  7. Enables greater employee satisfaction, fuels productivity.
  8. Delivers significant cost & time savings for Payroll/HR department
  9. ESS gives employees direct access to their month-end / year-end paperwork. They can download, print and save these documents themselves
      Tax Planner
  1. Enter the Investment details and get the instant projections for TDS
  2. Tax planning can be done with this tool easily, by testing various combinations of testing and get the best combination
      User Rights
  1. Users can be created
  2. User Level Rights can be created and managed
  3. Role based Security Model/ Assign rights to Payroll Officers for Managing different groups of employees
      Software Architecture
  1. Completely Web based product
  2. Designed using State of art technology. ASP.NET 3.5 + MS SQL
  3. Software installation on clients machines are not required
  4. All authorized personnel can login to the system and do the required functionality as per their rights
  5. Audit Trails
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